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the wrong kind of people

How many times did we hear our parents warn us of falling in with the wrong kind of people.  Whenever I came in late, which was always, since my parents thought I (16 yrs old) should be home by 10PM, It was explained that in those late hours I would only meet….”the wrong kind of people”!!!!

Heres the joke.    They were the RIGHT kind of people. The interesting, juicy, edgy, adventurous, sexy, ambitious……you get the idea.  So why were we always warned about them?

Well, my answer is the same as to why they always warned us about drugs. Don’t do them, don’t hang around with people who do them..THEY ARE THE WRONG KIND OF PEOPLE!

We know how that turned out, don’t we. They were also the right kind of people. And the drug experiences were the right kind of experiences after all.

This society lives in fear. Could I say it more clearly?  This civilization is based on fear!

Fear of information that might change something.  We worship the status quo.

we are afraid we will become obsolete if things change. We are holding our breath!


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